Down the Dorsal: Is This Jesús Sánchez Breakout Legit?

Down the Dorsal looks at Sánchez’s newfound success hitting to the opposite field.

Jesús Sánchez. Probably one of why favorite Miami Marlins because he seems like such a huge goofball.

Sánchez wasn’t very good last year and wasn’t looking great in the early going this year, either. A big turning point for him was his 14th-inning double against the Cubs at Wrigley Field on May 7. He really took off during the next series against the Diamondbacks. The most noticeable change has been his willingness to hit to the opposite field.

2023 Jesús Sánchez spray chart | FanGraphs

Sánchez missed a few weeks on the injured list, but has picked up right where he left off. Do you think he can keep this up? Let us know in the comments.

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