Big Fish Small Pod: Free Agent Catchers for Marlins to Target

Which free agent catchers could be fits for the Marlins? Let’s discuss four of them.

Daniel Rodriguez breaks down the pros and cons of free agent catchers Mitch Garver, Yasmani Grandal, Tom Murphy and Victor Caratini. Which ones do you want to see the Miami Marlins go after?

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3 responses to “Big Fish Small Pod: Free Agent Catchers for Marlins to Target”

  1. There is a FanPost analysis about the same subject:

    Of all Free Agent catchers, I think the one that realistically can join the team is Victor Caratini. He is a competent catcher who can handle a good pitching staff and won’t be expensive to sign, apart from being a local in Miami.

    Personally, this would be my priority list to address the position:

    1. Caratini
    2. Riley Adams (trade)
    3. Grandal
    4. Higashioka or Rortvedt (trade)
    5. Sánchez

    Adams would be tough to get since he had a good season and many years of club control, but both Higgy or Rortvedt are more or less doable.

    1. I can’t remember seeing a team like the current Yankees who have 6(!) catchers on their 40-man roster at the same time. Lots of trade opportunities with them, even if none stand out as a perfect match.

      1. The fact that the Yankees have only one proven LH reliever (Nick Ramirez) creates the perfect scenario for a C – LH reliever trade.

        They just need to figure out the names involved. I’ll be happy to take Rortvedt + another low-key prospect for Okert or even Simpson for Higgy… or some kind of trade in that range.

        I am definitely not very accurate when it comes to trades, and it’s been a long time since I stopped believing in baseball trade values… But for a reference, here are the Median BTVs:

        Rortvedt: 0,1
        Higgy: 4,5
        Trevino: 6,1
        Wells: 14,8
        Ramirez: 2,3
        Narvaez: Not on the list

        Scott: 9,1
        Nardi: 9,7
        Puk: 15,1 (Really?? I think Nardi should have more value, but I guess the saves count)
        Okert: 2,5
        Simpson: Not on the list, but should be similar to Maldonado (0,5)

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