Tracking every notable Marlins organizational change entering 2024

Who’s in and who’s out following Miami’s front office shake-up?

Regularly updated throughout the 2023-24 offseason, Fish On First will be reporting on who’s coming and going from the Miami Marlins organization. The departure of Kim Ng and arrival of Peter Bendix are obviously the headliners, but what about all the other executives, coaches, scouts, special assistants, etc. who had been working with Ng? How is Bendix going to fill their shoes?

We have it covered below.


Peter Bendix

  • New job: president of baseball operations
  • Previous job: senior vice president of baseball operations and general manager at Tampa Bay Rays

Gabe Kapler

  • New job: assistant general manager
  • Previous job: major league manager at San Francisco Giants

Vinesh Kanthan

  • New job: director of baseball operations
  • Previous job: assistant director of baseball operations at Texas Rangers

Bill Mueller

  • New job: assistant major league hitting coach
  • Previous job: quality control coordinator at Washington Nationals


Includes anybody who is “exploring other opportunities” after spending most/all of the 2023 season as a prominent Marlins employee

Kim Ng

  • Joined Marlins in 2020
  • Ended tenure as general manager
  • New job: TBD

DJ Svihlik

  • Joined Marlins in 2017
  • Ended tenure as senior director, amateur scouting
  • New job: TBD

Adrian Lorenzo

  • Joined Marlins in 2018
  • Ended tenure as senior director, international operations
  • New job: independent artist (Design by Adrian Lorenzo)

Jason Latimer

  • Joined Marlins in 2017
  • Ended tenure as senior vice president, communications and outreach
  • New job: director, public relations at Visit St. Petersburg Clearwater

Brant Brown

  • Joined Marlins in 2023
  • Ended tenure as major league hitting coach
  • New job: bench coach at Seattle Mariners

Dave Eiland

  • Joined Marlins in 2022
  • Ended tenure as Double-A Pensacola pitching coach
  • New job: COO, head of baseball operations at North Star Sports Management

Graphic courtesy of Miami Marlins

5 responses to “Tracking every notable Marlins organizational change entering 2024”

  1. I would like to ask the new boss which players Tampa Bay would have chosen in Miami’s draft position over the last five drafts.

    1. The draft has actually been a weak spot for the Rays too! Hit a home run with McClanahan in 2018. Not much has gone their way since. They’ve done enough smart things outside of the draft to make up for it, of course.

  2. Here’s one we would all like to see:

    Bruce Sherman

    Joined Marlins in 2017
    Ended tenure as Chairman and principal owner
    New job: TBD

  3. is there a resume drop for roles, obviously baseball side is cool but likely more interest applicable skills in business side.

    1. This page is updated year-round with Marlins job listings:

      But you usually won’t see the high-level executive positions there. The search process for those is handled differently.

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