Marlins Jeopardy

Inspired by the iconic game show Jeopardy!, Fish On First began incorporating Miami Marlins trivia contests into our livestream schedule. Each edition typically features two rounds of 20 questions each (including a category of audience-submitted trivia).

Anybody familiar with Jeopardy! should pick up on our rules quickly. Contestants “buzz in” following the reading of each clue, receiving points for correct responses (which should be voiced in the form of a question) and being deducted that amount for incorrect responses. There is a “Daily Double” hidden within each round of trivia and a “Final Jeopardy” that awaits at the very end.

Viewers on the Fish On First YouTube and Twitch accounts are welcome to comment throughout the show with their guesses.

Marlins Jeopardy Champions

  • Daniel Álvarez-Montes, 10
  • Isaac Azout, 8
  • Daniel Rodriguez, 5
  • Kevin Barral, 2
  • Alex Aguirre, 2
  • Ely Sussman, 1
  • Alex Carver, 1
  • Marcello De Vivo, 1
  • John Rodriguez, 1

Submit original Marlins trivia using the form below for the chance to have it featured on a future episode.

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