The Offishial Show: Reacting to the Final 2023 Miami Marlins Game

Reacting to Miami’s 7-1 loss to the Phillies in Game 2 and what comes next for this organization.

A loss to the Philadelphia Phillies in Game 2 of the NL Wild Card Series brought the 2023 Miami Marlins season to an abrupt end. Ely Sussman, Kevin Barral, Alex Carver, Alex Krutchik and Louis Addeo-Weiss discuss the key moments and decisions that made the difference in Game 2 and what to watch for during the rest of this MLB postseason and the ensuing winter.

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The biggest questions facing the Fish during the 2023-24 offseason include the status of Kim Ng as general manager, the possible departures of Jorge Soler and Josh Bell via free agency (both can opt out of their contracts) and whether or not Sandy Alcantara requires Tommy John surgery on his injured UCL.

Merely “running it back” with the same faces isn’t an option for the Marlins if they have aspirations of returning to the postseason. It’s frankly miraculous that they made it this far despite scoring the fewest runs in the National League. Even if high-leverage relief, clutch hitting and tactical decision-making prove to be strengths of the team again, it’s unrealistic for them to replicate their extraordinary 2023 success in close games. The shortstop and catcher positions in particular are glaring weaknesses, and free agency and the trade market are both thin on satisfying solutions. Assuming that Ng remains in place, she’ll once again need to get creative.

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