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We’re trying to build something special here. With your support, our Marlins coverage can keep expanding.

Fish On First vows to provide more free Miami Marlins coverage than any other outlet, but for this to be sustainable, consider joining our group of paid Super Subscribers. Sign up for as little as $3 per month, or customize a higher price if you’re feeling generous!

We make it worth your investment with the following year-round perks:

  • Super Subscriber-only giveaways (Marlins tickets, t-shirts, etc.)
  • Access to the Super Subscriber-only channel within the Marlins Discord server
  • Access to our Marlins GIF Database
  • Marlins news scoops and sneak peeks at upcoming content
  • Priority to speak on our Twitter Spaces and to appear as a special guest on Fish On First LIVE

From MLB spring training through the postseason, enjoy daily Marlins game notes and participate in Prediction Time prior to every Marlins series opener.

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Subscriber-only giveaways, daily Marlins game notes, Prediction Time entries, Marlins GIF Database access and more for only $3/month.

4 responses to “Become a Fish On First Super Subscriber!”

  1. Hi, Ely and Fish on First Guys. Quick question because I’m an old guy. I received yesterday’s email notification of the Super Subscriber post but am not sure how the password protection works. Is that the same as the WordPress account password or did I miss the spot to create a new one for access? Thanks. Thomas Joseph

    1. The password to access of all those posts is gofish

      1. Thanks, Ely – probably had that written somewhere! Ciao.

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