FanPost: Let’s solve the NEW MLB PLAYOFF format issues by ending the Wild Card Series

Proposing a format change that would be best for baseball.

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1. The fact that the MLB has 4 WC games played in 2 (or 3) days is insulting to 1/2 the clubs. Why do I say insulting? Well if you play the rigorous 162 game season and reach the playoffs, your franchise’s players, coaches and fans deserves 2 rewards (beyond a cool t-shirt by Fanatics, and a champagne bath in your clubhouse the day of your playoff clinch).

Reward A – The chance to be showcased on national TV in a primetime slot (6:00-8:00pm ET).

Reward B – If it is a Wild Card series, each team deserves at least 1 home game which allows for fair play and home field advantage for the 4th seed (or in this case, 3rd seed in the current format).

(Pause on this for one second—I want to make clear that any outcome is possible in a short series even when balancing home games.)

[jumping back to Reward A]

It can be argued just this week: IF The Tampa Bay Rays played in a primetime spot rather than a lonely midday on a Tuesday/Wednesday, their fans may have made more of an effort to show up in St. Petersburg and may have drawn out 24k-30k attendance instead of 14k-16k. The larger crowd of the fans may have fed the Rays players MORE energy. By having primetime games it allows unknown small-market players like Pablo Lopez & rookie Royce Lewis to introduce themselves and their teams to a possible audience of 3-10 million viewers instead of the average 2.25 million that thr 8 games did this past week, or the 2.28 million in 2022 (according to  

Going back to Reward B…It would have been nice for the 5th seeded Marlins to get a home game for the first time in 20 years. Would it have made a difference? No, BUT it would have been nice for the Miami players to hear LOANDEPOT PARK at its loudest. A playoff home game in our market would help grow the game in South Florida. THE MARLINS being able to sell early priority playoff seating to those who sign up for the next year’s Marlins Membership (season ticket packages) for a friendly return for early playoff priority. This also while giving a whole new generation of fans the chance to experience the electricity of at least one guarenteed playoff game. I am using the Marlins as an example but same can be said for Arizona who did not make the playoffs since 2017.

(Remember I said the current postseason setup has flaws? Well here is the other.) 

2. The almost week off from baseball for the two top seeds in each league is detrimental to the game. Yes, rest for players is nice but how much rest is too much rest? Look at 2022 the Atlanta Braves got ran over by the Phillies, who were really hot due to the wild card round. Same thing with the Padres over the Los Angeles Dodgers. If you look at Saturday’s Division Series games, three of the teams that had long breaks lost game one.

My point is that the long breaks are not competitively fair for the one and two seeds. It is hard for a team to remain hot and ready at the highest level when they are icing themselves due to the long wild card round wait for opponents. Consider this “Wild Card break” is the longest rest for any team all season long from Spring Training game one on. This is even longer rest then most players have during the All-Star break known as the Midsummer Classic.

I know you’re probably anxious to see how I have fixed it so here we go (in a deep announcer voice: THE FOLLOWING IS THE IDEA, BASED ON THE REGULAR SEASON AND ALL TIEBREAKERS AFFIRM THE SEEDINGS)


Consider the regular season ends on a Sunday.   

FIRST RULE: AL/NL GAMES in the Postseason are TO BE PLAYED IN PRIME TIME. Starting times are 6:08pm & 8:38pm.


MONDAY: 6 seed travels to 5 seed to play in A ONE GAME ELIMINATION for the opportunity to play the 4th seed tomorrow for the Wild Card.  

TUESDAY:  4th seed HOSTS winner of 5/6 seed game to play a ONE GAME ELIMINATION for the Opportunity to play number one seed.

REMEMBER THE ISSUES ADDRESSED? THE ABOVE WC mini tournament HAS NOW SOLVED THE 1st Problem (well part a and part b—6th seed does not get a home game, but Wild Card 4/5 do).

Prime time is fixed: ALL teams get prime time television and 2 of 3 wild card teams get a home game making the 4th and 5th seed MORE meaningful, mainly the 4th seed because you only have to play ONE wild card game in your HOME park. 

“BUT WAIT WHAT ABOUT THE LONG LAYOFFS FOR THE 1 & 2 SEEDS?!? I promise the tournament also solved the number 2 issue, which was the issues with time off for top seeds. 


Well remember I said the Wild Card tourney winner’s DIVISION SERIES STARTS THURSDAY (giving the wildcard team a much deserved day off before an actual series)? WEDNESDAY can be the start of the Division Series between the 2/3 seeds in each league! This means no 6 days off between the end of the regular season and game 1 of the DS & means every day has POSTSEASON BASEBALL! All games get featured in prime time between games the 3 Wild Card winners, and now all the seeds and their fans get a respectable playing time where the league can showcase their deserving stars! 

🎤 🫳🏼 LMF HAS FIXED MLB’S #POSTSEASON. This would be the best for baseball, great for TV, no days wasted off.

Thank you for reading.

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10 responses to “FanPost: Let’s solve the NEW MLB PLAYOFF format issues by ending the Wild Card Series”

  1. Agree with your idea. There needs to be an incentive and reward for the top teams, since winning the World Series is the ultimate goal. Or maybe the teams with the better record would get 5 of 7 possible home games… in a 2-2-3 format.

  2. How about the top seeds still get their 5 days off, but then all games are played at home. No away games. That would provide an incentive to be top seed. They can go to the regular format in the Champion Ship series and of course the World Series. Just a thought.

  3. Having teams make it to the playoffs that don’t even crack 90 wins is pathetic. Makes the regular season not important. I would make the wildcard round one and done. Make it harder for lesser teams to make all the way to the WS. No validation for the regular season.

  4. How bout two wild card one off games. 2nd v 3rd WC team play day one at 2nd team field. Day two 1st vs winner WC play at 1st WC field. Then day three 2nd and 3rd div winners play, and day four start 1st div winners starts game 1 of 5 or 7 vs winner WC one offs.

  5. I would suggest is to reduce the number of regular season games to accommodate expanded wild card playoffs and expand divisional round to best of 7 as opposed to best of 5. Also eliminate divisions and take best 6 teams from each league. No scheduled breaks between travel days in playoffs. I prefer the current format to your suggestion but I do agree MLB doesn’t need to be afraid to put every playoff game in primetime windows. NBA would never schedule a weekday matinee playoff game.

    1. I think reducing the regular season games is the better solution for several reasons: Weather, extended playoffs, fatigue, etc. Just take one week off the current schedule, something like 156 games.

      I do not agree with eliminating the divisions, though.

  6. In general, it is extremely difficult to comply with both short-rest for top seeds and home games for the lowest WC seeds. The long-distance traveling between games makes it almost impossible.

    One comment: The Monday after the regular season needs to be an off-day, in case of Postponed / Suspended games. We saw some chaos this year due to the weather in NYC.

    Monday off. Tuesday WC #5/#6 games, winners play #4 on Wednesday. Thursday #2/#3 series starts. Friday #1/WC series starts, and it would be the same rest as during the ASG.

    Another solution is that the MLB makes the calendar a bit “flexible”, which means, if during the current format a team wins the WC in only two games (Tue & Wed), then the next series starts on Friday.

  7. Just eliminate the second and third wild card slots, they were only added to bring more revenue and these teams, like the Marlins, only embarass themselves and their fans. Having 12 teams out of 30 in the playoffs is ridiculous. If the Marlins really wanted home field advantage, they should not have choked in August and Skip should not have been so accepting. Wins matter at every point in the season, not just September.

    While I am a big fan of the author, his proposal is way too complicated and convoluted. No one is going to understand it.

    1. The Phillys went to the world series from the playoff spot. So I disagree that the wild card teams should be eliminated.

  8. Sorry but as a fan who traveled to Philly I fully disagree. Win more games and you get home field. Win even more and you get to rest and be showcased. It should be hard to advance when you’re barely over .500, and if fans don’t attend a home game because of the time then the fans are terrible and deserve less.

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